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The Poet

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So I was just wondering, do you and your homies just travel, camp, and skate around the country? I really admire that and it's a huge dream of mine except I'm into snowboarding. Any tips/pointers


sure, i’ve got advice. save your pennies. learn to cook, avoid buying shit you don’t need, don’t snort or drink your paycheck away and then go out there and get some - no time like the present. find people that you vibe with - pick your conspirators carefully. nothing like being in a car with someone for 3 weeks straight to really find out what you hate about them…and also love.

pick a destination - it doesn’t really matter where. do your research but be willing to abandon the plan. stay on your toes - weather is usually pretty unpredictable, parties pop up, cars break down…

whatever you’re traveling to do, odds are the scene is pretty small and if you give a shit about it you will find the other people who care the same as you. those are your kindred spirits - the kinds of friends you keep for life.

it helps to have a job that is flexible. my friends and i all work in various capacities - some wear a white collar, some wear a blue one. some deliver pizza or wash windows - ive always been a firm believer that what ya do and what ya do for a livin can be 2 very different things. whoever your boss is, learn how to sweet talk em.

one last thing, and i hope people take this the right way. there’s a lot of tumblrs out there chock full of inspiring shit. a visual smorgasbord of eye candy which is supposed to inform their creative impulses. sometimes i wonder - what are people doing with all that inspiration?  i hope they get out from behind the glowing screen often enough to make something of their own to share.

that’s all for now. good luck bud.

This response will push me farther and motivate me from this day forward. I am eternally grateful.


@burwham loading up the flabaongo 


Jason Adams.. The meaning of style. 2014


Brilliant Barn Conversions



The Grand Canyon from space.

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Candace says: Ultimately, my goal is to graduate from college nearly debt free, with a home of my own which is mortgage free that I can be proud of. My budget for this project is $10,000. In hopes of keeping my costs under control and organizing myself before I run to every hardware store in the state, I have made a detailed spreadsheet breaking down what I will need for each phase and its price. parts & price list


Thinking about Arizona today. #watercolor

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Big Daniel Lutheran in his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Photo: Grant Hatfield