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This is it, this is the joint right here



death valley. california

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I watched this New Balance Numeric edit a couple of days ago, it’s now available to share so that’s what i’m doing. Russell Houghten is seriously good and filming/editing, check more of his work HERE


Alright Jesus stop fucking around. We know you can fly let’s see you walk on water

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My brother just played American boy feat Kanye

There is hope for his music taste after all

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"Echo Cliffs, Grand River Canyon, Colorado." Photochrom print published in 1914 from a glass negative taken many years earlier by William Henry Jackson, whose Western views, developed in his railcar-darkroom, formed the basis of Detroit Photographic’s holdings in the company’s early years.

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Stoked on Camp VIBES

This is why they are my favorite company.

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4Loko & weed

Before Friday class.
Because it’s a joke to me.

An evening in Northern Arizona. 2014