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This is it, this is the joint right here


You said ask.


35.Favorite type of fruit pie?
40.Wear slippers?

Oh, and this one,

46.How can I win your heart?




This shit is soo good

Chance can do no wrong!!

I will fuck with this every day of my life.


N I G H T E D - “P L A Y -  O N” - A N D - E V E R T H I N G - E L S E

Bay area photography collective and independent publishing company NIGHTED have sent us through a list of new reads and activities so long it will keep you busy through to the end of next month. 

First up they launch “Play On” a joint exhibition by Madison East and Kris Kirk, featuring portraits, moments, and installations representing their lives in Los Angeles. The show will also see the release of a collaborative zine titled “Meet Us Under the Electric Sky”, chronicling their trip to EDC 2014 in Las Vegas. Opening reception: Saturday, August 2nd, 7pm-10pm, at Sunday Los Angeles - 4308 Burns Ave.

Only days later “I Hate The Blues” Nighted’s first international show opens with Doomed GalleryCurated by full patch member K. Eleanor Bleier, I Hate The Blues features a sterling assemblage of photo takers from here, there and everywhere else. Thursday August 7, 2014 at Doomed Gallery 65/57 Ridley Road Dalston E8 2NP. Visit Doomed for more info. 

lastly, two new shop releases. ”They Don’t Knowa full color photo zine by Evan McKnight an NYC-based photographer detailing his adventures through the city and Colors" by Brvinfreeze a large format (8.5x11), perfect bound collection of film photos, drawings and graphics.

Nighted doing all kinds of nice things for you. Don’t sleep. Visit their site for more show information and head to their webstore to get your mitts on some of that paper. 

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This is so funky man.

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Would you roll around in my sheets

And let me capture your beauty?
Would you let me cast shadows
With your curves,
Light lines
With your limbs.
Click, click.

You would be dangerous,
You act, I will follow.
Click, click.

Would you be calm for me,
Be still,
For me.


Make everyday a Boat Day

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You’d be surprised by how great of dancers pro snowboarders are. 

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